Well, I for one am elated about OpenSuse 111

I can’t understand why some people are bitching about the version 11.1 I for one am very happy about waiting for a year on the 11.1 version and the KDE 4.0 Interface. The repositories are extremely fast, seconds now not minutes… Clean installs for the most part. Only have one complaint, with the sound drivers, but this may be related to how it is configured, but overall a very nice interface and the faster it is moving me away from Mr. Gates buggy and costly software…Suse Rocks, let the lizards keep licking cause sooner or later they keep coming back for more and I will support them all the way… Thanks, Novell for the support you provide.:slight_smile:

I find the KDE-4.1.3 in openSUSE-11.1 very nice (although I confess I’m still using KDE-3.5.10 most of the time).

Also, 11.1 provides the 2.6.27 kernel, which is a “must” for my new Dell Studio 15 laptop, not only in terms of wireless (intel wifi link 5300 AGN) which needs the 2.6.27 kernel, but also the audio hardware codec in the Dell Studio 15 needs that 2.6.27 kernel together with a cutting edge alsa (sound driver) release. No other openSUSE version will support this laptop to the same extent. None.

I also like the hot plug automount with Read/Write of external USB NTFS formatted hard drives. No other openSUSE release supports this out of the box without some sort of fix being applied.

11.1 does have hiccups, and the 18-Dec release date (just before christmas) means, I believe, that many of the dev/support staff have not yet looked at the problems. So there may be a slight delay before some of the valid observations of bugs are addressed.

Still, I like 11.1. I see a massive exaggeration in the views of many who complain, and if they look back over the forum threads when previous releases came out, they would find similar (or even worse) levels of grumbling.

I am also very happy with that release, for me everything works just fine. I see it as normal that you have to do some tweaking, it’s also good for learning something about your OS.
11.1 is the first release that lets me sync my Windows Mobile 6 phone with Linux, I also have full access to its file system.

Well, 11.1 may be very useful for those with extremely new machines, but I for one have found many features lacking which were present in 11.0. For instance: I can’t make kwallet work anymore, my favorite system monitor Conky is not in the repos, the ATI driver is said to not be in the repos yet, Krusader has a misconfiguration that prevents it from accessing Samba shares, and so on.
That said, I must admit I’d never revert to 11.0. Why? Not because 11.1 is working so well, but because I have almost unconditional trust in the developers (trust based on previous experience) that they will eventually fix all those glitches in due time. Good work, developers! Still the best distro around!

I’ll add to cherok1245’s elation. I loved 11. I was hesitant about 11.1 release after 6 months, because it meant a lot of work for me. So I installed it on my resource lacking EeePC. Well as soon as I got the wife off the 11.0 box. On it went. Wireless was out of the box, first time ever and on a machine that was 3 months old. I had two Ubuntu based releases on the Eee (a tad premature perhaps) but the bugger just worked with 11.1.
I’m using 4.1.3 exclusively on both machines.

My motivation for installing 11.1 on this machine was three fold. 1. The previous 10.2 installation was end of life, 2. I don’t really want to move away from KDE if I don’t have to, and 3. I have a mission critical 10.3 machine, which probably has another 9 - 12 months service life and I want to be fully conversant with kde4 when kde3 is dropped from openSUSE.

The holidays have have given me the the opportunity to install and try out 11.1. As 11.1 has replaced 10.2 on this machine the improvements in qualitative performance have been quite dramatic. Over the last week I’ve had to deal with a few issues, samba being the main one, but relative to previous releases I have spent the least time getting the machine to a position where I’m happy with it and right now I’m real happy with it. I fully anticipate there will be issues with individual kde4 packages going forward but by the the time I have to upgrade my 10.3 machine we will probably have had 2 or 3 kde4 updates, so I’m very optimistic about future releases.