We'll have a nice time, greez Daniel

Hey girls and guys,

My name is Daniel, I’m from Germany and feeling absolutely gay beginning a Tread like this.
But it shouldn’t disturb me from wishing you a good evening today and a good new year.

I installed SuSe 11.0 three days ago, because I’ve always been fascinated about the possibilities that Linux has.
I already installed it some years before, but I kicked it and installed Windows back.
Because of the storys I heard the past year about Linux, like it is totally easy to install and use, I decided to try it again, and I really have to say, that it is still hard if someone needs it like me, for making 3D animations, graphik design, audio editing, playing a few games, and more.
I will still stay to it and learn as much as I can to dominate Linux.

I already have a bunch of problems, which I’m going to search for them or post them in other Forums, but I know that my desire to use Linux is big, also to try to give the world my effort in making programs, games, plugins, etc. one day for Linux and in the end for everybody.

I can actually allege that this is a new era for me, which is hopefully going to be great, and I will try to give my best for everybody, and I also hope you will give me some support in my problems.

I wish you a great new year and much success!

greez, Daniel

Hi Daniel, welcome to the forums. Hope you have a nice time and enjoy Linux. Hope to see your postings on the forums in time to come.

PS: One small point to you as a non-English writer (whose English is quite good and much better than my German anyway). The word “gay” has a particular meaning these days, and I suspect it’s not what you had in mind.

Well I for one read it as “Happy”, not the other gay meaning… lol!

Oh, well…

I’m sorry about that, here in Germany you use this word in a different way, it rarely has a bad meaning.
I won’t use it like this again lol! sorry!

greez Daniel

Welcome Daniel! Look forward to hear your experiences! These forums are great, with very friendly people.

Oh, and for you (us?) English speaking forum readers, don’t automatically assume that somebody’s use of words like “gay” have the new meaning it has these days. :slight_smile:

It’s not a bad meaning, and I think gays would be offended if one thought it had a bad meaning. Most of the time the context will tell the difference. But you might get asked for the URL of this forum if you tell people in a bar that you had a gay time here. lol!

I remember learning that in German I must not say Ich bin heiss as that would get me some curious looks. Unless I really am h****. :wink:

Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum. Don’t worry about any writing or spelling mistakes. I’m english, but have lived in Hamburg 20 something years, and know the language pitfalls that lurk ready to catch you. One thing, you wrote that you installed 11.0. Was this deliberate? Do you not think that 11.1 will be stable? A lot of us in this forum are using 11.1 and a very happy with it.

P:S @ ken_yap what you wanted to write is “ich bin warm” which has exactly the meaning as I’m gay.:wink: Enough on this subject.

No, I meant it was explained to me that in ordinary conversation about the weather I should say Mir ist heiss. Just an example of how words are slippery.