Well done!

So, a few months ago I “upgraded” to LEAP 42.3. It was a bit of a disaster (mainly my fault). Today I did a clean install of tumbleweed. Effortless, smooth, quick and painless. Well done and thank you, guys and girls, superb work!

TW really is splendid, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

It’s pretty amazing. The advantages of Arch, with better software support, and without all the configuration headaches.

YES, it is. We ( the entire community ) have gone way beyond what a rolling release is.
Bleeding edge? Nope not bleeding at all, since openQA took the bleeding away.
I’m running some other rolling distros in VMs, Arch (Merge), Gentoo and they’re both behind ‘bleeding edge’. We ( sorry ) had upstream KDE, GNOME, kernel versions… Splendid indeed

I have already written about this in other threads, so sorry for the partial repetition, but TW completely changed my view of what a “rolling release” could be. Prior to me discovering oS, & then learning about TW, i just simply would never choose to install any distro that was a RR. I simply don’t want the hassle of needing to frequently fix a broken system, & frankly i doubt i have sufficient skills to be able to do all of that work anyway.

So ~6 months ago when i decided it was time to educate myself about this mysterious “openSUSE” thing i’d heard occasional mentions of back over in “Debian/Ubuntu-Land”, & i learned that there was a Stable & a RR version, i began reading about the latter [TW, obviously] with a fairly suspicious jaundiced eye. But once i learned about openQA, & BtrFS+Snapper, i could no longer see any justification for my objection to trying a RR. I mean, for goodness sake, it’s like being on a high-wire tightrope but wearing a safety harness [openQA] & with a vast safety net [Snapper] spread out only a few millimetres beneath me; even if i did fall, i would not fall far, would not be hurt, & it would be easy to get going again with minimal effort… but of course with openQA the chances of me falling are clearly greatly reduced anyway.

So my initial TW ISO download occurred with a positive not suspicious mindset. Then, during the install, when i discovered the magnificent Ruby Installer, i pretty much knew i’d found my new home. TW is splendid [hey, didn’t i read that somewhere recently?].

That was a good idea! Indeed well done. Good for you!:good: