Welcome to the Soapbox Area!

This area can be fun and informative if we keep in mind that avoiding personal attacks, derogatory references, and those things forbidden by the Terms and Conditions of the Board should and will not be tolerated. Being Soapbox means the views expressed are entirely the province of the person making them.

Remember to provide courtesy even when you disagree with someone.

Now lets get ready to rrruuummble! :smiley:

I have to disagree! There is no way this area will be fun and informative, especially if we have to avoid personal attacks, derogatory references, etc. Expressing strong opinions will always raise hackles, and courtesy flies out the Window.

I’m just practicing :slight_smile: Please don’t take the above as being serious!

A further note to this stickie … the Dev’s are NOT here !! Most of the packagers are NOT here !!

If you have a rant on openSUSE, well yes, you’re just ranting at empty air, and at the handful of volunteer users who do not get paid for their efforts, but as enthusiasts they try to do their best to help on our forum.

Hopefully everyone knows that the correct way to handle problems, suggestions, etc. is either by :

…BUT if you just need to tell the world about your problems (and our forum appears to be the place you like best for this), or tell us about your experiences and you are ready to accept the comments of all those who DO have things working properly, then please post.

In such a case, THIS is your area for venting. Keep in mind the forum rules (as they still apply here), and that insults and foul language are off-limits and you are not to aim your anger at forum members nor the forum Staff, nor at the openSUSE packagers/developers. This is also NOT the place to spam us with posts of commercial products, nor with excessive posts on other Linux distributions.

And, if told to ‘back off’ by the forum Staff, it’s time to go take a long walk and cool down.

All that said, for EVERYONE who enters this area, enjoy the ranting and don’t forget your blood pressure medicine. …