Welcome to the Pre-Release/Beta Forum

WELCOME to all ye Beta Software Testers!

This forum area is reserved for you dedicated users, who walk “on the edge”, and who like to live up there with the moon walkers and with the Mount Everest mountain climbers, … not to mention the extreme skiers with whom you chum around with. This is for you - the Beta Software Testers who like to live dangerously. :slight_smile:

But having typed that, we, the conservative majority, desperately need you!! You are the advance guard, that pave the way for us mere conservative mortals who get frustrated when a stable version of openSUSE hiccups because of our own ineptitude. You brave souls have to rise beyond your own hiccups, and put up with all sorts of teething pains of new software releases, helping the open source developers in their efforts to put up a new package, or indeed a new openSUSE release.

To you, I take off my hat and say “THANK YOU”. And this sub forum is dedicated to your fine efforts. Please post here, and converse, and share your pain, your glory, and help each other, in the fine work you do.

For openSUSE Newbies:

You are new to openSUSE and wonder “what in the world is this forum all about?”.

Well it goes like this:

There exists an openSUSE site called “Factory” which is where the “Developers” (aka Devs) from all over the world put together the next release of openSUSE. There will be certain milestones during an 11-month cycle that will progress from “Alpha” to “Beta” to “Release Candidate” (RC) to “GoldMaster” (GM) to "Public Release. A “Roadmap” can be found @ Roadmap - openSUSE. Bring that link up in a new tab in Firefox and we will talk about it.

Milestones 1 ← First milestone release … may be Really rough; may even be command line (CLI) or may be very very stable and very close to previous GM version … its difficult to say !

Milestone 2 to 6 or 7 or 8 … ← Lower milestone numbers will have new kernels, new applications, new features added. Later milestones will have less changes. There will be a number of bug fixes applied along the way; there will still be bugs however; but, it should be good enough to use (but not for a production system).

**Along about Milestone 4 **is where we hope our membership jumps in and starts getting the bug reports filed. Your participation at this phase will make for a much better final product. This is also an excellent way to learn; the Devs will probably ask for more information – usually with a link to a guide to help you along.

Release Candidate ← It’s almost ready for release! There may still yet be some known bugs the Devs are working on; not all the review has yet taken place and for sure there are bugs yet to be found. Your help with RC1 is most welcome by the entire community. Note from the roadmap that there is not a great span of time until the release of “Goldmaster”. So, do the community a favor, install rc1 and get the bugs reported.

GoldMaster ← Hopefully 11-months of labor from “Susers” all around the world has paid off and with your bug reports from Beta and Release Candidate a near final product is made available. There are still some reviews to be done and the Novell/SuSE engineers make it into a final, polished product.

Raising Bugs. Please NOTE this forum area is for discussion, but it is NOT the official place to raise bug reports. Observations where you wish to obtain Novell or SuSE-GmbH attention is via a BUG REPORT or via the opensuse-factory mailing list, or via an openFATE feature. Please see below for more information on mailing lists. For bug reports, there is guidance HERE for raising bug reports on openSUSE. Use your openSUSE forum name and openSUSE user name when logging in to bugzilla.

Please also check the most annoying BUGS list on openSUSE before you raise a bug report, or before you raise a rant about a pet peeve that you do not see addressed. In fact, please NO RANTS. There are other places on the Internet for rants. THIS forum is not intended to be such a place.

I’ll leave you with a few important links:


Stay Informed

Bug Reports

For those looking for the latest cutting edge openSUSE, go here:

For more information on how openSUSE goes about Development version, please go here:

So, welcome to the Pre-Release/Beta Forum. Post the results of your Beta or Release Candidate install (problems, issues and successes) and we will chat about them – heck, we might even solve an issue now and then.

Have fun:)

Oldcpu Note: This stickie was a combined effort of oldcpu and snakedriver, where the solid factual helpful information was provided by snakedriver, and the senseless babble by oldcpu.:smiley: