Welcome to applications

Welcome to the applications area!

This area is for questions about software applications (configuration, usage, bugs, documentation).

Application Queries: If you have any question about an application, please mention in your post:
a. openSUSE version you are working on
b. the name and the version number of the application that you believe is giving you problems,
c. an appropriate description of the symptoms.

For newbies, please note that the typical method of installing new software on openSUSE is by installing applications packaged as “rpm’s”, where rpm’s are in essence a prepared archive with executables, libraries, configuration files and documentation. If this is new to you, it might be useful to read up on basic openSUSE concepts:
Concepts - openSUSE

Install Software/Repository Setup: If you are ready to install some software, it typically helps if your PC is connected to the internet. The first thing most users do after a fresh install of openSUSE is to setup their repositories. Repositories are in essence a file server on the internet that contains many software applications, custom packaged for Linux (and in our case, for openSUSE) … You can read more about this for openSUSE here:
SDB: Add Pcakage repositories
If you follow and apply the guidance in those links for your openSUSE version, that should be enough to get you started.

Where to find software? Further to the above, if you know the name of your application, a couple great places to look for openSUSE rpms are:

Note: is possible to install from the internet with a “one-click install”.

A list of Official Novell/openSUSE repositories is contained here:
Package Repositories - openSUSE

A list of many 3rd party repositories is contained here:
Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE

More information on YaST software management (for installing software) is contained here:
YaST/Modules/Software Management - openSUSE

Average-to-Experienced Users: Also, if you have knowledge or experience on various applications that you believe may be useful to pass on, then please participate. We need your help! We want your suggestions! We want your participation in our community!

Thankyou, and WELCOME!!