Welcome panel disabled?


It used to be that when I logged in the welcome panel popped up. Now it doesn’t. Has it intentionally been disabled? Or is there a problem?


What do you mean with welcome panel? openSUSE Welcome? If yes, simply open it via Start menu → System → Welcome and check the box “Show on next startup”

Yes, perhaps I should have been more specific. I’m talking about the openSUSE Welcome. There are a variety of ways that it could be run. But when something stops working the way it normally does, I wonder, was some patch that I installed intended to cause that? Or was there some problem with the patch? As far as Start menu → System → Welcome, I am using the Plasma X11 UI, and I’m not finding a Start menu.

The big Button in the left corner of your taskbar . You can also call it “Application launcher” or “Menu” …

Thanks for your effort. However, the openSUSE Welcome had been showing up each time I logged in; no problem. Then it stopped showing up when I logged in. I didn’t change any settings, it just stopped showing up.

When it stopped showing up after login, given that I use bash, I simply edited .bash_login to run the openSUSE Welcome panel. So having the panel show up after login is not what I am trying handle.

I do apply patches that are released. So as I’ve asked, was there some intention on the part of the folks that produce openSUSE to stop the Welcome panel from showing up after login? Or, is there some problem with some patch? If a patch problem, could it cause problems with something else?

Naturally if I am the only person experiencing this issue, there could already have been something wrong in my environment.

Here is how it is supposed to work:

There is a file “org.opensuse.opensuse_welcome.desktop” in “/etc/xdg/autostart”. Your desktop session checks that autostart directory, and the “*.desktop” files are used to start applications at login.

When the welcome screen shows up, there is a box “Show on next startup”. If you uncheck that box, then the desktop file is copied to your own autostart directory “$HOME/.config/autostart” and it is then disabled by adding a directive “Hidden=true”. This overided the default in “/etc/xdg/autostart” so it no longer starts automatically.

The best guess as to what happened in your case, is that you did uncheck that box for “Show on next startup”. You might have done that by accident.

In any case, you can check if this is what happened, by examining the file “$HOME/.config/autostart/org.opensuse.opensuse_welcome.desktop” to see whether it contains a line “Hidden=true”.

Thank you!

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