Welcome a New, Enthusiastic Contributor to the openSUSE Forums and Wiki!!!

Sauerland, tacit, and I bumped into an enthusiastic, new openSUSE Contributor on the IRC today.

habba on IRC, was finding typos in our Knowledge Base and Wiki pages, looking to get them fixed.

The two others I mentioned above made the first two fixes, and I encouraged this new Contributor to join us on the Forum, since a login here also would give this person the ability to actually do the corrections.

habba accepted the challenge, is now a Forum Member, as


I would like you to give out a big openSUSE “Welcome to the Community!

With permission from this enthusiastic person, I thought I would love to share the following with you. Pay extra attention to what I highlighted in red.

Private IRC conversation as soon as the User created a login account:

<habba> Hello Fraser, i am not sure whether i am doing it correctly but when i login nothing shows up
<Fraser_Bell> Hi, pleased to see you.
<Fraser_Bell> Okay, so you go to the forum link I gave you, you created an account?
<Fraser_Bell> I want to know where you say nothing shows up.
<habba> So after i put the login details and hit enter, it takes me to a blank page
<Fraser_Bell> Okay, now try to go here. https://forums.opensuse.org/usercp.php
<habba> this new link works
<habba> I can see i am logged in
<Fraser_Bell> Yes, that is your own user panel, then. Bookmark it, best place to start when coming into the forums, in my opinion.
<habba> Thanks, so as a start…
<Fraser_Bell> So, what is your user name?
<habba> My username is philipkigo. I would like to correct the name agregator to aggregator on this link https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Why_openSUSE#Newbies
<habba> Or perhaps submit the correction for review
<Fraser_Bell> Okay, lets see if you can do anything there, yet. Might take a day, or I might be able to speed it up. I would like to encourage your enthusiasm. Click on that link, look at the top right, should be a “log in”
<Fraser_Bell> At that, use the same user name and password you used to create your new Forum account.
<Fraser_Bell> These will be universal for all SUSE/openSUSE related sites, including Wiki, OBS, Knowledge Base, and so on.
<Fraser_Bell> I am a Global Moderator, so I might be able to speed things up for qualifications.
<Fraser_Bell> Most have to do a couple of things to get these privileges, but in my opinion you have already done so.
<habba> I have just corrected that portion of write up and saved the changes. I didn’t know it was that simple
<Fraser_Bell> Fantastic!!! Yes, we are infatuated with Contributors! You are an openSUSE Contributor! So pleased, I AM!!!

Will do, these are to moments that matter, a simple Welcome, appreciation for enthousiasm. The guy that got the Tuxedo laptop on oSC18 is another example.

Hey, Habba / @philipkigo , a warm welcome here. Sure hope you’ll have a good time in this wonderfull community,. Feel free to ask any questions

As I said elsewhere:

I love it to have up-to-date and correct documentation.
And I know many people hate to make it.
And I know that those that made it (including me) just forget to keep it up-to-date.
Thus I love those who see it as a hobby to improve documentation.


+1 from me. Glad to have you aboard. :slight_smile:


I am new on the forum. I want say Hi :slight_smile:


Boy, would I love for someone to clean up my Wiki… :slight_smile:

In fact, if that person has any enhancements or own ideas to add or modify what is in my Wiki(Do you have any specialty?), I’d say go for it and don’t ask for permission(If I strongly objected to anything, I might revert the change)… And make sure you give yourself credit somewhere besides in the changelog…


Or, if you want to write up your own “How to” Wiki (see my signature on how to create your own), let me know and if I feel your Wiki is authoritative I’d be glad to link to it.