Weired Sound Issues in Wine - ALSA

Hello Community

I’ve a little sound problem - in WINE. I’ve 3 sound cards - but as normal user I can’t choose the sound device. As root user I can choose the device.

I run 11.1 with KDE4

Please find audio deatils here:

The user “lemmi” belongs to the audio group.

lemmi@linux-ibmc:/tmp> groups
users dialout audio video games pulse-rt

Bellow I’ll post 2 screenshots of the audio tab on winecfg.

The first shows the audio tab as user “lemmi”.

The second shows the audio tab as root.

I “googlet” a lot - but still cound’t find any useful link.

Why are the devices shown as root - but not as user “lemmi”?

I’m very thankful for any help.

Thanks in advance