Weird wireless problems

I started having wireless problems last week. Download speeds were very slow and sometimes there was no connection at all. But wireless with my Macbook was working fine.

I decided to buy a new NIC, D-Link WDA-1320 with an Atheros chipset. With the new card installed, I configured it with YaST and got an ip address that I could ping but no internet sites would load. All the tests I did showed that the card was recognized and was getting an ip address but I still couldn’t load any web pages. This is with 11.1.

Another problem I’m having is in Milestone 4. The ath5k module doesn’t show up in lsmod and even after loading it with the modprobe command it still doesn’t show up in lsmod. In 11.1 ath5k loads automatically, but in Milestone 4 I can’t get it to load no matter what. Despite this, I still get an ip address that I can ping, but no web pages.

Any ideas why I get an ip address but no Interweb?