Weird widgets size

I’ve probably messed up some kwin/plasma settings and all widgets have very weird size, see the screenshots. I can resize them to something reasonable, but after a while they get to something similarly silly.

Additionally, applications start at small size and even though I resize or maximize them, on next start they will start the same small. See another screenshot:

I’ve tried to delete .kde4/share/config/kwin* and plasma*. It has reset panel, but the widgets are still the same wrong. Putting the panel back to bottom of the screen doesn’t help. I’ve also tried different “desktop motive” or what’s the correct translation - i.e. change Air to Oxygen/Elegance/Naked/whatever. It doesn’t help either. Turning desktop effects on/off doesn’t help too.

In new user account it’s fine (for now at least), so I suppose completely erasing .kde4 would help. However I don’t want to lose my applications’ settings, Kopete history etc.

So what should I erase to correct this problem?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .

I’ve forgot to mention, but I use KDE 4.6 (though it’s probably obvious from the screenshots) in OpenSuse 11.4. I use the Tumbleweed version, however I believe that the configuration location is the same :slight_smile: .