Weird switch from KDE to Gnome

I’m running OpenSuse 13.1 - I had just customized my installation of KDE approximately a week ago. For some reason, my computer boots up to a login screen now where it didn’t before. An xconsole window pops up and makes reference to “martian source” and is actively doing something. When I login, Gnome loads up. scratching my head I hadn’t changed anything to warrant this odd switch from KDE to Gnome. Anybody else having this experience?

I enjoyed Gnome 2, but Gnome 3 has me wanting to stay with KDE. The thought of the system switching for me is unsettling. Any help is appreciated.

Exactly what customizations do you mean?

When you say it didn’t boot to a login screen before - do you mean it was set to auto login?

At the login screen there is a option to toggle the session. Please make sure to choose the kde plasma workspace

I think if you install more then one DE then auto login may be turned off. to allow the choice to which DE you want to boot too. There should be a menu at the bottom of the login screen to choice the default desktop. Then you can turn autolog back on if you want that. Personally I think it can cause difficulties in diagnosing problems but to each his own

No, it should not.

That would indicate that something else is wrong.
How does your login screen look like?

KDM shouldn’t show such a xconsole window with the kernel messages. But I think xdm does.
So maybe you uninstalled kdm by mistake (xdm is the fallback then) and therefore auto-login is not working any more?
Please verify that and re-install kdm if necessary.

Btw, you can set the default desktop session in /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager.
For KDE this should be: