Weird 'smudged' graphics and fonts


I am a newbie at Linux. I’ve just finished installign openSuse11.0 on a brand new AMD 64 X2 machine with on board ATI Radeon X1200 video.

The problem I am having is that the graphics is really weird. When I type, it’s like it has a slight delay for the text to show up. And the fonts looks not smoothed. Also, when I scroll, parts of the screen’s graphic’s are smudged…the more I scroll…the more I get…until I click something…it’ll become normal again.

Is my graphics driver wrong?

Please help!

  1. Which graphics driver did you install?

  2. Did you run the command sax2 -r after installing your driver (actually, install the driver, reboot, and then run the sax2 command)?


I didn’t install the display driver myself. All I did was install the operating system from the LiveCD and I guess it detects whatever I have and installed something for the video card.

Okay, that may cause the problem.

To install the driver, visit the SUSE Wiki: ATI page and click the 1-click install button partway down the page. Once you download the package, YaST will walk you through installing the driver package. Once the package has been completely installed, restart your system and wait until OpenSUSE loads again. Once it has finished loading, open a terminal window. In that window, issue the command sax2 -r. That will load the Sax2 configuration for your video card. If all the settings, such as resolution are set to your liking, exit the window. Now you have to restart the X-Server. To do this, enter init 3 into the terminal window. This will close all open programs you have, so be sure to save any important information (you also not be able to read this page either). Now you will see a black screen with white text: the Command Line Interface. In the interface, you will be to login, so enter your username and then the password when prompted to do so. Lastly, issue the command startx to restart the X-Server. When the X-Server loads, your graphics card drivers have been installed and configured.

After you do that, tell me if you still encounter any problems.


I’ve installed and opened a terminal window…and typed the command ‘sax2 -r’…it returned command not found. Sorry…I am a total newbie. :frowning:

Hmmm, that’s interesting, it’s should be installed by default. :frowning:

I know this is going to sound dumb, but, are you positive you typed the command correctly? (I don’t mean to talk down, just want to be absolutely sure).

Sorry, you can discard my last post.

You need to run sax2 -r as root. So, first, issue the command su and then enter the root password. THEN, issue the command sax2 -r.

Sorry about that.


I found out what the problem was. I wasn’t logged in as root. haha Anyway, I now have decent graphics now. Thanks for your help!

I still need to learn a lot. I tried putting in a card reader with a SD card in it and I can see something shows up in the File Browser but when I double click it…it doesn’t go anywhere.