Weird rendering in Chromium and Firefox

I have just installed TW and wanted to get started with Chromium and Firefox: both show weird rendering issues (is it linked to non-native Qt apps?), with Chromium having a huge black boarder on the main window (but not on the menu layer) and Firefox the opposite (no border around the main window but a slimmer border on the menu layer). Is this a known issue? How can I change the settings to make it look right?

Setup: TW in QEMU on a Macbook Air

Can’t comment about Chromium but for me Firefox on TW is fine. I suspect it depends on the Theme you use. I use ‘Fresh Light Theme’.


Chromium and chrome look fine on startup for me (as does Firefox). I’m using the out of the box themes.

I have in the past tried some of the themes that change corner rounding, etc. They can definitely cause problems with the bleeding edge KDE releases. I’ve backed off from any non-standard themes entirely, it’s not worth the hassle.