Weird python3-rpm version

I check for dist upgrades on daily basis mostly and I saw a weird python3-rpm downgrade recently.

My zypp history contains


from 2020-03-25 and then


from 2020-04-17. The thing is, the downgrade happened without changing opensuse-release version (or whatever corresponds to distro upgrade).

Because this package seems essential, I tried to track its version history. Google shows only two results for python3-rpm 4.15.1-5.1 and rpm.unique.list from 2020-03-24 has 4.15.1-3.1 version only. This version has never been installed on my system, though.

Is this normal, or maybe something bad is happening to my system?

It is normal… not sure if you see it without verbosity when just using zypper dup, I use zypper -vvv dup and see information like that in the output before pressing y(es)…

Hi! But is it normal for downgrade to be the only operation even without bumping Tumbleweed snapshot version? This was the only operation in zypper on that day. I had to accept that in CLI, like with any other dup. Thanks for your reply, btw.!

A likely scenario if it’s present in the update repository, or if you updated to a mirror that wasn’t synced when you ran a dup, I normally keep an eye on the mailing list to see when an update is ready as well as any other information eg the latest systemd update and possible issues…

Comparing release numbers between repositories is meaningless - they are completely independent and do not imply that one is “newer” than another. Tumbleweed Update repository is used for one-off emergency submissions that bypass normal release process. This was apparently one of such cases:

Request: #788014

  submit:       openSUSE:Factory/rpm@278 -> openSUSE:Factory:Update

Important! Otherwise systems break completely.

State:   accepted   2020-03-25T11:42:03 dimstar_suse
Comment: ok

History: 2020-03-25T11:42:03 dimstar_suse Request got accepted
         2020-03-25T07:06:47 favogt       Request created

If you need to know details you probably need to ask developer who submitted this request.

Thanks to both of you! I get it now.