weird problms in games

so i have had problems in opensuse with all kinds of games even on emulators like rpcs3 and more so my problem is for example if i try and play stardew valley the linux version from steam it will have weird stretching of the objects in game and then it will just mix all the colors of the game up on my screen and if i force close it it will affect my whole system until reboot also in things like bloodstained ritual of the night or actually what seems like all wine or proton games if i exit the game then lets say a while later i try and load a completely different game linux native or not ill get a full-screen like piece or screenshot almost of the game loaded on screen that i was playing a while ago and not the game im trying to play and if its not that my screen turns green and i get weird graphical affects that freeze my entire system is this just a problem i should wait on to get fixed and how can i track down this problem? thanks im really sick of this its been going on for mounths and i upddate all the time. Im running opensuse tumbleweed on a asus tuf fx505dy with an AMD ryzen 5 3550H cpu and a RX560x GPU did i get binned or what is going on?

p.s. yes i have the latest bios updates