Weird mouse problem when running Opensuse11.3 under Vm workstation 7

Hi everyone.
I’m having a weird and frequent problem regarding mouse keys and movements in Opensuse 11.3.
I’m running Opensuse in Vmware workstation 7, and host operating system is Windows 7. I primarily use Opensuse as a development environment, and have got VMtools installed and configured properly.

I notice that sometimes when I left click or right click at somewhere in Opensuse 11.3, the mouse button will not release unless I reboot guest system.

I did search on Google and discovered a few discussion threads talking about this mouse problem, some of them happens in Ubuntu guest, and there has been updated mouse driver to fix this problem in Ubuntu.

Could anyone please suggest a possible solution to this problem?
It happens so frequent that it happens almost each hour or less.

Thanks a lot for your help!