Weird message when trying to install from CD

When trying to install from CD, I get the message:-

Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:01

Can anyone help please.

Suse 7.2

What’s the machine you’re trying to install on?
HDD(s), brand, model, interface
Motherboard etc.

are you sure your download is 100% OK? Is the md5sum available?
did you try to burn at lowest possible speed?

BTW 7.2 is very long ago. A kernel panic might be caused by the kernel not being able to deal with the harddisk. Or it’s controller

Hi, Suse 7.2 was installed with KDE OK. Then my mouse packed up and I could not shut down correctly. On reboot, the system stated that it had corrected any probs, but when KDE was started it fell over and then this message started to appear. The CD was bought from Suse many moons ago.


Is there any way round this problem? All I want to do is install the KDE development stuff and play.