Weird menu entry KDE (ver 15.23.4)

Fresh install of Tumbleweed, in KDE, under settings, right-click systemsettings and see this action menu: Window Behavior, Global Theme, Window Rules, Colors, Keyboard.

In the systemsettings.desktop file, the action menu is different: Display Configuration, Global Theme, Users, Energy Saving, Screen Locking. That one actually sounds more useful to me.

I suspect a bug, but I’ll feel silly reporting one if it’s behaving as intended. Where is the displayed action menu actually coming from?

The desktop file I’m referring to is the one that lives in /usr/share/applications, changes saved to ~/.local/share/applications. I like my menu formatted Name (Description), so I added a description, causing the change to be saved, and that change is persistent: My description is there. I then went to edit the local desktop file to add another action, but it doesn’t show up. That’s when I double-checked and realize that the action menus didn’t match even before I tried to modify.