Weird lines going across my screen

I’m not sure exactly how to explain this but on my laptop i just installed OpenSUSE and i’m getting werid lines like ----- fliying across the screen from right to left. i’m not sure why their doing that but the same thing happend to me when i installed ubuntu on the same laptop

i’m using the GNOME version of openSUSE if that makes a difference.

My guess is, it is the video driver. Check what you have, goto unreviewed Howtos , there is plenty of info.


I tried updating the video driver and sure enough that did get rid of the strange lines but it screwed up everything else. Windows don’t animate, scrolling in firefox is lagged and jumpy. i uninstalled the driver and all that went back to normal but the lines came back haha

is there an idiots guide to video driver install? my laptop has an ATI Radion HD 3400 series video card