Weird issue


Weird issue in our environment. We use Suse Linux 9 Rel 3 and under /etc/sysconfig/networks i see only file with ifcfg-eth-id-00:50:XX:XX:XX:XX on vmware environment. I dont see any files with ifcfg-eth-eth0. When application or databases connect to the servers most of the time the application/database client hangs. This configuration was working for a long time with no issues. But recently we have frequent hangs. On investigation we created a ifcfg-eth-eth0 file and the issue stopped. Now the application/databases are working normal.

Anyone have any idea why the application was hanging when the ifcfg-mac address and now it is not after creating the ifcfg-eth-eth0 files.

Appreicate your help.


> We use Suse Linux 9 Rel 3

‘weird’ is no surprise…
version 9.3 reached its end of life (and support) April 30th 2007

how do you keep up the security patches?

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