Weird HPLIP problem with officejet 5610

My neighbour is running since 1 year opensuse 11.0 and 3 months ago i installed an officejet 5610 with the hplip driver, and everything worked fine.

Now since last week he has problems
When printing the print goes in every line printed a little to the left , untill the head moves out of the side of the paper and the printer get stuck.

Here i think the printer is broken and go back to the store, they have of course only windows but the printer works normally with no errors and all the pages are going out correctly.

Ok, i think it is the pc, so i take my netbook with opensuse 11.2 and install the HPLIP package.

And to my surprise the same problem the printer goes every line a little to the left.
Installing the latest opendriver for HP did not clear the problem.



Option try:
CUPS - Explained - openSUSE Forums

I was already there and at localhost:631 as well, but nothing there could give me a hint why the printer is moving every line printed a little more to the left.
Maybe a CUPS error, because it happens in 11.0 and 11.2 and in the 11.0 machine it was working correctly till a week or so ago …
I am really puzzeld now

But you can remove hplip from the mix altogether and set up your printer in cups