Weird graphical glitch on login screen when restoring from Suspend/Sleep

Hello all

I’m running Tumbleweed. Everything up to date. I’ve noticed when I wake my desktop from Suspend/Sleep, sometimes the login screen will have a weird graphical checkerboard pattern.
When I actually login/authenticate, my desktop and all other visuals seem to be OK. It’s just the login screen that sometimes exhibits this issue when I wake from Suspend/Sleep. I never have this issue when rebooting If it matters I’m using Nvidia drivers

The first image shows the lock screen when I wake from Suspend/Sleep. The second screen shows what the display looks like as I begin to “swipe” up with my mouse. The third screen is what I see at the login prompt when waking from Suspend/Sleep. (I blurred out my name on the third screen)

Any idea on what’s happening or if this a known issue? Is there a fix?

Does cycling the display’s power when that happens change anything? What model is that Dell display? What is its native video mode?

Thanks for the reply.
Yes it occurs after power cycling the display. I have multiple displays connected. Dells and an Acer. They all exhibit the anomaly. The Dells are 1920x1080 (16:9) 60Hz (Model D3218HN)

…after logging in again from Suspend/Sleep, there’s no problem. Desktop itself looks completely normal