Weird formatting problems in perldoc perlsec

When trying to open “perldoc perlsec” I have some weird formatting in the
text, here is an example of what I mean:

“Perl automatically enables a set of special security checks, called
m ESC4mmodeESC24m,
when it detects its program running with differing real and effective
user or
group IDs. The setuid bit in Unix permissions is mode 04000, the
setgid bit mode
02000; either or both may be set. You can also enable taint mode
explicitly by
using the ESC1m-T ESC22mcommand line flag. This flag is
ESC4mstronglyESC24m sugge
sted for server” is anyone else seeing this, I can’t imagine that this is
how it should look it is hard to understand it like this.