Weird fonts (not only) in LibreOffice (5.3 offical and 5.4 repo)


again me with a LibreOffice/general fonts question.
However in LO it is most apparent as the fonts look totally out of place, very small with weird commas. Also notice the “-” symbol. It’s barely readable:

This also happens in this windows where I’m currenty typing in the question.
I’m running KDE.

Thanks in advance,

Is is due to font rendering in Leap compared to TW? In TW, I’ve never noticed this issue.
According to this thread can I solve this problem by installing Ubuntu font rendering as described here: and ?

What’s the name of the font you’re using on the actual spreadsheet? Different fonts can show a big difference in the appearance of the comma and minus characters, compare Hack and Droid Sans Mono for example, and the ones in your example look like the latter.

I wouldn’t have thought the rendering engine would make much difference, assuming it’s properly implemented, but I’m certainly no expert.


I’m using the standard Liberation Sans, size=10.

Liberation Sans does give quite small comma and minus characters, though not as small as Times New Roman which I think is designed for print. Perhaps you could experiment with changing the font, and of course the displayed size will also depend on the zoom control at bottom-right of the ecreen.

My spreadsheets use that font & size, which I think is the Calc default, and the commas look the same. I doubt there’s anything wrong, but I’m no expert.