weird font problem

I’m not sure what is happening here.

Do you see how the letters that should be an ‘e’ are a box? It’s not always an ‘e’ that is doing it.

This started a few days ago, I haven’t installed anything that would change/damage the fonts. I have, though, narrowed the problem to what seems to only be sans serif and Century School font types. Yes I can just change the font form one of those types, but that doesn’t fix the fact that something is wrong and I don’t know what it is. Anyone have any insight to what might be the problem?

OS: SuSE 11.3
KDE 4.4.4, theme: bespin
amd 64, ati card
acer ASPIRE 5532

Thanks for the help

Can you try changing them all to Liberation Sans?

Yes, though it does say unknown. :???: Is there a reason for this? I’m going to try and install the Liberation sans font here in a second and see what that does.

Off topic: I see you’re using KDE4.5 on a laptop. Any problems with WIFI?


Never had any wifi issues. And yes, I’m using knetworkmanager

I only can say that installing another set of fonts helped me.
Can not tell why the fonts act like it, but there are many options like updates etc…

Here is my post to this regard.
KDE 4.5.2 & fonts

Maybe it helps you too.