Weird Flash Issues

Alright so I have a werid issue with flash which Ive had for quite some time, im running 11.3 x86_64 and have used zypper to upgrade since 11.1, so I went 11.1->11.2->11.3. I have to use an old beta version of flash for flash sites to work correctly.
Shockwave Flash
Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45

I believe the version of flash im using has been the same since 11.1 but I am not 100% sure about that. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled both npwrapper and flash but always have had to go back to using my old version to get all sites to work correctly.

Ive removed all instances of from where they were so I am down to the only living in /usr/lib/browser-plugins/ and the in /usr/lib64/browser-plugins/.

The sites I have issues with range from games to movies, and I know they work with the current version correctly because they behave properly on my laptop running 11.3x86_64. Could there be an issue with remnants of the old flash living in my system causing the new version to behave improperly. And when I say things dont work I can generally see a loading animation then the screen goes either grey or black. Is anyone else out there having similar issues after upgrading their system (I did a fresh install on my laptop and dont have the issue)?

That version is insecure, plus there is no more 64bit flash at present only 32bit.
Adobe Labs - Flash Player 10 for 64-bit Linux
Adobe euthanizes Flash 10.1 for 64-bit Linux • The Register

Yes I know its insecure, however its the only version that actually works. And its the 32bit version (10.0 beta) not the 64bit (10.0 alpha), which is why its using nspluginwrapper. I would love to use the newest 10.1 version, but when it only works for about 50% of the sites where was my old 10.0 version hasnt ran into a site it cant run (albeit at a relatively slow pace) I cannot move to the new version.

Strange indeed… have you got some links to the sites that play up
on the newer version, so can see if it duplicates.

Just to confirm, x86_64 with the 32bit version?

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Heres a link Destructo-Truck - Ninjakiwi Free Online Games I get the initial loading animation (bar at the bottom) but when it completes it just goes to a grey screen and the game never starts. However I know it works because it runs on my laptop running 10.1 r82 running under nspluginwrapper.

Yes I am running 64bit firefox with the 32bit 10.1r82 flash plugin running under nspluginwrapper 1.3.0

Also this may/may not be part of the issue but my desktop with the issues (other than being upgraded multiple times) is running an AMD X2 245 where as my laptop where it works runs is an Intel core 2 duo processor.

Ive also manually recreated the but that had no effect either.

Loads fine and plays fine here, I’m think you may need to un install
nspluginwrapper and let the system do it’s thing.

I’m on firefox 3.6.8 64bit AMD X2 4400+ with nvidia.

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Yes I know it should work as it works on my lapttop with the same version running. As for uninstalling nspluginwrapper and letting the system do its thing, please explain a bit more. Without nspluginwrapper there isn’t a way for the 64bit browser to use a 32bit plugin (unless there’s another project out there I don’t know about). Are you suggesting using 32bit firefoz and running the plugin natively that way?

No, just deleting and re-installing both flash and the wrapper to
remove anything you may have done manually :slight_smile:

If you do it via YaST, it will re-run SuSEconfig which should tidy
things up.

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I’ve done that multiple times with no luck. Including restarting the system between removing and installing the packages (which is overkill but thought it was worth a shot). I have a directory where I keep various versions of flash which is the only place that is left containing the links once I remove the packages. And I always have to put back the old version to get things working. There’s one thing I haven’t tried yet which is to create a new ff profile to see if its something in my profile causing the issues, I plan on trying that after work today.

i’ve got the same problem. apparently we are the only oS users experiencing this. in my case i use an old (probably unsafe) version of adobe flash x86_64 i had lying around. copied it to /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins, and flash works fine. any of the current versions from OSS, update, or whatever repos just produce blank spaces, black spaces, or gray, depending on the browser i’m trying to use. with the old (64) version, they all work. strange…

please comment on this thread if you find a solution; will do the same.


[couldn’t get konqueror to pick up the plugin yet; all the other browsers i use (opera, chromium, FF) do.]

I am also unable to get Konqueror to play flash, just upgraded to KDE 4.5.1 with Webkit. No luck :frowning:

there’s a new 64-bit flash plugin: 64-bit Flash Available Once More . this works fine with me, and is recognized by konqueror, too.