weird effects of updating from 11 to 11.1

LILO is not supported ? Why is that …
When I try to change to LILO, it complains that it has to remove a realtime rpm and hangs…

some on the fstab entries are changed and the proc line freezes the mount process. Why ?

shutting down takes a long time and seems to spend lots of time hanging at the xinetd and D-Bus-daemon stages. Why ?

USB and DVD/CD cannot be mounted ! bizarre…

Online update
I cannot update the system as the update process hangs …

Many problems with these release.
Any help is welcome.

My sympathies. I thought about doing an upgrade, but after seeing your list of problems this created, I’m very glad I didn’t.

TBH though, I think I prefer an updated 11 over 11.1.

I am so bombed I saved all my data and am re-installing from scratch. Updates do not work with suse …

Sorry for the vague post. I meant that I prefer an “updated” 11 (e.g. kernel updates, security patches, etc.) over 11.1.

It does seem that the 11.0 -> 11.1 update/upgrade is fragile:

If you manage to log-on do you see the effects reported in that bug?

I did have such effect as KDE bar disappearing after I twicked my desktop … I had to remove the .kde4 directory from my home dir and re-login. And I had a blank KDE desktop functioning again …
With my regular user, not root though.

This being said, I did a clean install on my problematic upgraded 11.0 to 11.1 and all went well. I had to reinstall all my rpms again but at leat all is working. EXCEPT the booting process ! I still have to boot with the DVD in otherwise GRUB stays stuck at stage 2. That makes me furious… I created a post just for this one.

I have no issues after upgrading 11.0 to 11.1 on my second laptop, everything works fine. All I had to do is (re)install softwares that were not added from the main opensuse repos (amsn, skype, vmware, etc), as those were uninstalled during the upgrade.

I had a problem in that ldap wasn’t upgraded and I couldn’t use ldap logins. Since I thought there could be are other problems I hadn’t discovered, I then did a fresh install and everything works fine. Since I have a separate /home this wasn’t a problem for me.