Weird Chromium scrolling issue + installing some applications

Hi all ,
I have two questions…

When my nvidia driver is installed , i get a weird sluggish scrolling experience (using mouse wheel and scroll handlers) in chromium and chromium only ,
I’m using Chromium 9.0.598 , and my VGA card is nvidia Gefore 8500gt using G02 driver…

And i need to install Synapse file launcher , Gloobus Preview and nautlius Elementary … is there any repository for that or any rpm file for those apps ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I suggest you post other thread for your other questions. We’ll focus on one problem at a time. :slight_smile:

So, you don’t have those symtoms in FF. Did you try Opera or any other webrowser?

Thanks for the advice i’ll do :slight_smile:

Yes , i’ve just tried Opera , and scrolling is very smooth … i guess then it’s all about Chromium…


Try deinstalling Chromium and reinstall it.

Tried that … same issue occurs :frowning:
also tried to install version 7 instead of 9 but still the same…


I built the SPEC and rpms for gloobus-preview-0.4.1 on opensuse 11.3/i386 , using the packman repo for somethings. Anyone want to take my files and put them on build service? I’m afraid I have no time to do this as I am under a PhD deadline…!