Weird behaviour after zypper up

Well, that file just sets the user’s locale (e.g. language) to the corresponding Plasma settings.

If that is indeed the reason for the problem, the file’s content would be interesting to see.
Although, even then it’s still rather a bug in mc IMHO (maybe it only happens with certain languages or something like that).

# Generated script, do not edit
# Exports language-format specific env vars from startkde.
# This script has been generated from kcmshell5 formats.
# It will automatically be overwritten from there.
export LANG=de_DE.UTF-8
export LANGUAGE=de

That’s the content of my file. That would also correspond to some other weird behaviour I see since yesterday. My keyboard layout switched to English and my desktop is partly English, too…

Well, I see nothing wrong with that file, it just sets those two environment variables LANG and LANGUAGE (that specify to applications which locale and language to use), and it probably had the same content before the latest updates… (as it is some user setting)
That should not affect the keyboard layout at all anyway.

The problem apparently isn’t specific to mc either, as this mailinglist post suggests:

So it seems to be somewhere deeper I suppose, maybe bash itself or some system startup script.
Or maybe it could be a bug in the new startplasma program that’s used instead of startkde now? :-/ (that would “run” ~/.config/ on login AFAIK)

Yes, deleting this file didn’t fix the bash error message for me. But my localization of KDE is fine again :wink: Keyboard, however, is still English…

Hm, I actually can reproduce both problems on Leap 15.1 here now (the bash errors and kdesu not working) after logging into Plasma5.
So they seem to indeed be related to the new Plasma startup process in 5.17…

The localization and keyboard layout is still fine here though, even with your in place.
So those seem to be unrelated, and something specific to Tumbleweed, or your system.

Regarding the keyboard layout, did you try to set it in systemsettings5, or did you set it in YaST?

Until now, I only set it in YaST as system layout. No special settings for Plasma. Setting it in Plasma works fine, but shouldn’t be necessary :wink:

But yes, I agree that my localization problems might have another cause… But they may also be related to the latest snapshot, as I had also some problems with my network card and everything worked just fine before. I didn’t change anything but doing the zypper dup.

Indeed, but that might be caused by some other change in Tumbleweed.
I certainly can’t reproduce that one here on Leap, and Plasma doesn’t change the keyboard layout at all unless you explicitly set one in systemsettings5.

The layout is rather set by Xorg.

Maybe it would help if you change the layout in YaST and then change it back again?

Maybe the config file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf got broken or deleted somehow.

Changing the layout to English and back to German didn’t fix it. Perhaps it’s related to Wayland?

That might be possible. Maybe Wayland doesn’t respect the system-wide config (anymore?).
I cannot try here because Wayland doesn’t even start here…

Does it work as expected if you log in to a X11 session?

Yes, it’s working perfectly in X11 session…

I forgot to write that after “rm ~/.config/” you should restart plasma (logout-login).

Yes, because the problem was indeed that start-plasma-* corrupted the environment when “running” ~/.config/ during login (it didn’t properly handle variables that contain newlines, like exported functions do).

A fix is on the way to Tumbleweed now:

It’s already in KDE:Frameworks5 for Leap 15.0/15.1.

PS: it looks like it does the same when running the scripts in ~/.config/plasma-desktop/env/, so if you have one in there deleting ~/.config/ probably won’t help. (I haven’t verified that though)