Weird audio issue on OpenSUSE 11.3 and X-Fi Xtreme Audio

Hi, I’m pretty newbie in Linux. I’ve tried some distros lately, now I’ve decided to try out OpenSUSE. I’m using Gnome desktop and I’m using an X-fi Xtreme Audio PCI-E sound card.

Everything is working pretty good, but when I play audio or video files (I’ve tried Banshee, Amarok, VLC…) I always get really weird audio. I can hear the audio, but with a lot of noise. Is like when you have the OS volume at minimum and you raise your speakers volume at maximum, sound gets distorted. Well, that’s exactly the effect I get on OpenSUSE but obviously it has something to do with software. I’m going to explain it:

I discovered that going to yast / sound / volume and just clicking over master or pcm volume voilà the audio just starts playing ok, without noise and really clear. But as soon as I try another audio or video file it’s starts playing with the anoying noise again. And again, if I just click on master volume it just works well. As a note I must say the tray volume icon just raises or lower volume but the weird noise persists. It must be the master volume from yast.

I don’t know what to do and I’m already thinking about switching to another distro again, since I never had issues like this when I installed Debian, Archlinux or Ubuntu and I mainly use this computer for multimedia. I’m sure there must be a solution, since it plays perfect when I click on master volume, so there must be something wrong with config or something.

I would appreciate any help about this.

EDIT: I’ve noticed something really, really weird just now.

When I click the middle roll of my mouse on firefox it displays a message and for a second audio plays well. As I’ve seen this, I’ve tried to close Firefox and everything else and the weird audio persisted. But then I’ve opened Firefox again, and guess what. Audio plays OK! But as soon as I close Firefox, or I open or close a tab, it starts playing the weird sound again. This is really a mistery I’ve got no clues about what’s going on. Well, as a temporary solution I’ll just close and open Firefox again ^^U

Check this if you didn’t already
SDB:Audio troubleshooting - openSUSE

In gnome I enable Pulse Audio in the Yast sound settings.
In the sys tray sound > Preferences, make sure you have it setup correctly in there.

Yeah, I already had enabled pulse audio. Anyways, I discovered right now it has something to do with audio profiles. When I select just “stereo output” it works fine. But that’s not what I want, I would like to use “4.1 output + stereo input” because I get the sound of my Xbox360 and any other periphericals connected to my TV with the optical audio in from my sound card and because I would like to have dolby surround for the movies.

Anyways I’ve searched on the link you posted and I see no solutions for my issue. I will try to play a bit more with settings.

EDIT: It appears to work with “4.0 output + stereo input”, I got weird audio when I do certain actions but it seems to run fine most of time.

Unfortunately you just missed our Audio Guru who went on Vacation this weekend.
I understand these things can be frustrating and I’m sorry I can’t help so much.

Restricted Formats/11.3 - openSUSE Community Wiki

Did you check that already?


No, I didn’t. I’m not sure if it has something to do with my problem but I’m going to try it.

Well, that was not a solution. My computer freezed while installing, I had to reset and now sound is somewhat broken. I mean, it works, but I cannot access audio settings (linux forces closing) except on yast, and the speaker tray icon just dissapeared.

It’s even worse, installing those codecs killed VLC, now it won’t play anything anymore xD I tried uninstalling and installing again both the codecs and VLC but there’s nothing to do, it’s all messed up. I think I’ll end reinstalling the OS…

You should finish the installation. Now you’re in the middle of something where it crashed (/???), and have not finished what the installer was doing. Quite normal it does not work. You will have to follow the guide anyway if you want full multimedia support, like for mp3 and dvd’s.

To force installation of the needed codecs, install packages:
Make sure all packages come from the Packman repo.

Perhaps I should point you to
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

But I’m not sure your initial issue is anything to do with this (though you need to make sure you have multi-media set up correctly).
Maybe just stick with what worked for now. Then work on it.

This reads like interference from one’s mic or line input that is not muted and is inappropriately picking up a bunch of unwanted sound?

Sorry … as noted I’m away on vacation in Asia with random to no internet access. I’ll be back in Europe in a few weeks.

Good luck and best wishes.