Week starts Tuesday

I usually switch to English (UK) locale first thing after installing Linux distro to have the week start on Monday and not Saturday in Gnome’s Clock Applet. Did the same to OpenSUSE 11.1, and… it now starts on Tuesday. Can someone advise how to fix it manually? And of course, would be nice to have an update fix it automatically for the dummies like me.

This is a problem that I am also experiencing with the week start day being on Tuesday and the first week of 2009 beginning in week 2 of the year.

There is an issue that I have found with regards to using the en_GB locale and have found a bug logged at sourceware.org with a proposed patch - Bug 7068 - en_GB locale has wrong week specifier.

Unfortunately I am not technical enough to deploy this patch and I am wondering if there is anyone in the community who could post a HOWTO so that we can correct this problem on our systems while waiting for the final fix.