Website starts using unusable adobe video

Does anyone else have a problem with the video play on this page?

The response I got from the website was, in part:

“With regards to the video within the article you are referring to, it is of a different format than most of the videos posted on our website. Since the video uses Adobe Flash Player to function we recommend ensuring that the computer or device you are using has the most up to date version of that program. Once updated, the video should load and play as intended.”

Yast shows as installed:

Package:            | Summary:                                     | Installed:
AdobeICCProfiles    | Adobe ICC Profiles                           | 2.0-150.1.6
flash-player        | Adobe Flash Plugin and     Standalone Player |
flash-player-kde4   | Adobe Flash Plugin and Standalone Pla...     | 
pullin-flash-player | Placeholder for Adobe Flash PlugIn           | 12.3-4.1.2

I’m trying to limit software installation to the repositories, and since Yast shows no updates to install, must we wait for the repos to be updated? - Or will they ever be updated with more than “security” updates? - No more “version” updates?

This seems to be the crux of the problem:

So, bottom-line question: what would be a viable suggestion to the website for a player they could use that would work for everyone (including us!) who visits their site?

I’m thinking we should be applying a bit of pressure on sites to use technology that isn’t going to turn viewers away from their sites by their use of unusable programs - especially for those of us who don’t want to use the most buggy and security-prone software on the planet - but we need something to suggest they use.

Thoughts, anyone…?

It played just fine me (openSUSE 13.1, Mozilla Firefox 27.0.1). I have the following flash packages installed

# rpm -qa|grep flash

After I accepted a mass of cookiess from all over the world and switched NoScript off for what is going on there, the video works.

openSUSE 13.1 with Packman.

So, I do not know if it is wise to blame the web-site.

you have the newest version of flash available for linux (as a standalone plugin) - the same as me . . .
and the link you provided plays without problem for me in both Firefox 27.0.1 and Chromium 33.xx

Its running fine for me in Chromium but not in FF, they are both using
the same plugin (no pepper flash or pipelight in use).

Bring the Penguins Back!
openSUSE 13.1
KDE 4.11.4

I’m getting downright peeved that so many things in this machine - that work for everyone else - don’t work for me.

Is it time for a disk wipe and fresh install? I sure would like to avoid that.

Works fine here
13.1 Gnome
Firefox and Chrome