Website Development [Leap 15.2]

I am looking for a way to develop websites locally on my desktop pc. Right now, I am looking to build a WordPress website. Is there any solution that allows me to do this? I’m learning web design, and I am still trying to find the best packages/programs to do it.

Thanks in advance

I’m using this:

Hope you like it.

PS: you need docker & docker-compose installed

I have bash script to start & stop server

cd /home/mokrane/Applications/docker-compose-lamp/
systemctl start docker.service
docker-compose up -d

cd /home/mokrane/Applications/docker-compose-lamp/
docker-compose stop
docker-compose kill
docker-compose rm -f
systemctl stop docker.service

If you really want to learn web design, avoid WordPress like the plague; it is obsolete and tedious to maintain. Just write your own website in HTML and CSS if you are thinking of a static website. If you want a dynamic website you have a choice of many languages - I am guessing that Javascript and Python are probably the most popular at present.

Take the trouble to study,, and

As John describes, Wordpress is extremely old and archaic, creaking at the seams as it is updated to accommodate new approaches.
But, the reason why it still is around is because it’s still important… Many people still need to support Wordpress websites so if you’re in one of those situations, there’s little choice.
Wordpress is a PHP technology, so it’s likely that you can run just about any editor or IDE (Integrated Development Environment, a fancy name for a comprehensive tool that does a lot of the work for you).

In my part of the world,
PHPstorm is a popular IDE for beginners or those who are used to the help. It costs, but there are discounts for students and free for members of recognized FOSS projects.
There are plenty of other PHP IDE out there you can try (an Internet search should turn up plenty)
From your question, you’re probably not ready yet, but as time goes on veteran developers often use an advanced text editor, Sublime is popular in my area for those who want a text editor that helps but doesn’t impose structure.

My advice if you’re starting out is to start by locating a guide or course… If it’s good, it’ll often recommend a tool for learning that’s matched to the content.
If the tool doesn’t run on Linux or openSUSE, post that application here and someone will be able to recommend something close enough for you to use.