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I’ve come to an impass with a developer who was making some changes to a script of mine. He is leaving the changes on his website (but who knows for how long). I’d like to capture this work, so I can take a look at what he has done at my leisure rather than in a hurried way. I searched for a firefox addon, without any luck. What software would anyone suggest I use to capture this info. Using 11.4, firefox 4.

You can view the source of any page from the ‘View’ menu
or was it more than that you needed?

Can’t answer as to ethical / legal issues but wget can download website contents (be careful as you can also download entire web if you use it wrong.) You would normally go to where you want the site pages downloaded to in a console and issue the command string(s).

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Unfortunately if he was working in a website scripting language like PHP, you can only see the output generated by the script, not the original source, no not even if you view source in a web browser, that just shows you the HTML source. To grab the source, you have to login and make a copy of all the website directories.

So would "wget -r " get all the files and directories below the specified ?

Look at HTTrack. It might just do what You need.

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Read the man page and try.

Same for httrack.

But again, if it is about a script that makes HTML (PHP or CGI) you will not get the script, but the HTML it generates.

Yep, my mistake. you would need the access to the php or cgi not the html as mine would provide.