webpages loads very slowly


I’m using KDE Version 4.4.00 on OS11.2

all my browsers (konqueror, firefox, chrome) webpages
loads painfully slowly… on vista same connection, same
machine is loading is faster. I did not notice this in OS11.1
on same machine.
I tried disable IPv6 in boot and in firefox but it did not
improve situation significantly. I still get long looking up
of dns time after time.
Am I “paranoid” or is there some way I can address this this
slow loading issue?

Thanks for any help

Do you mean you added this:


to the default boot in menu.lst and to sysctl.conf

In addition to the above hint I recommend testing a different dns-server (→this app will help you to find the fastest one).

Thanks very much for the suggestion, how do I change to the suggested DNS? :sarcastic: I haven’t found any directions.

And thank you for the question Adenozinas! :wink:

YaST → Network Devices → Network settings → tab “Hostname / DNS”.

I had the same problem: connection was fine with Vista and bad with Suse. I solve it by changing the DNS (as already suggested by gropiuskalle). Just I did it via NetworkManager as the connection is managed by the NM by default. You just have to right-click on the NM tray icon, go to the connection and change the properties as here


then restart the connection (for exapmple replugging the cable)


I’ve been surfing all morning after making recommendations and the improvement in loading speeds have been great! rotfl! I’ve almost covered as much web territory before 12:00 noon as any other day since installing 11.2!

Thanks for reply. Yes i did that. And i think it improved loading at a certain level, but sometimes i still get these slow loadings/looking-up’s.
I’ll try to look into this DNS changing thing.

This is a very useful application that I can recommend to all. It really improved my speed from here in Mexico. Dramatically.

It is really nice application. I liked it, but …
I noticed that i get different performance results every day.
I’m not sure i like to switch DNS severs everyday manually.
Although i don’t get messages of “looking up for …” anymore,
but i get quite frequently “waiting for …” in status bar
of Firefox.
Anyways that’s my observations. Thanks a lot for help.

Interesting observation. Same machiene same conection namebench
results differ in time, and respons time in MS Windows is twice faster
than in opensuse11.2 (time betweeen tests ~ 2min). I am curios why and I am sad about opensuse gets ass kick on network performance. Could this be true?

It’s the other way for me. SUSE knocks the pants of Windows.

Hi, sorry for pesimistic previuos post, it was upseting to see results but…
I found out reason for these results, it’s not SuSe’s or any linux fault afterall, it’s the wireless driver! I did test on wireless conection and my athk9 driver is limiting conection to 1Mbit/s, while in windows drver gives all benefits of 802.11n. Cheers! Now just need to fight with drivers … just :D.