Webex on 64 bit leap, system requirements and setup

According to webex, any and all versions of linux are supported - https://www.webex.co.uk/support/support-system-requirements.html,
I was hoping for a suse guru to show me some commands that I can use to find out if I have all the required pieces installed. if not what else I would need.
All other posts I have seen are from 2013 or before, I am hoping that webex or open suse have moved on from 32 bit folklore.

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That link points to a page of a commercial product. You can not expect that people here are going to study it and will do your homework. You can easily see which products you have and/or can install on your Leap 42.1 system and which versions they are, using YaST > Software > Software Management. When you then still have some precise questiions, you can ask them here.

The following should work, note that I have not actually done the following but looked for posted articles on the Internet and evaluated for what either works or can be modified for LEAP.

You referenced WebEx’s “Linux Requirements” page which is pretty general (and by itself won’t get you very far). It should be noted though that any currently supported version of openSUSE including LEAP satisfies the kernel, Desktop and Java requirements (maybe even all).

Yes, 32-bit <libraries> are required, it’s less clear whether you really have to install a 32-bit version of Firefox itself.

To install the dependencies on LEAP, but should probably work on all supported versions of openSUSE without any modification

zypper -n in openjdk openjdk-devel MozillaFirefox libgtk-2_0-0-32bit libpangox-1_0-0-32bit libXmu-devel-32bit libpng12-0-32bit libXv-devel-32bit

The above is based on the following old, but still relevant article. Note that although the article’s author said he didn’t have a working jawt, current openjdk-devel includes support. If you find that anything does not work, then you may need to replace openjdk and openjdk-devel with Oracle SE JDK.

And, that should probably be all you need to setup WebEx.
You can skip all the other steps in the above reference about installing plugins and java, I made sure java was included in the above revised install I provided, and IcedTea is automatically installed in the latest Firefox.

After the above,
You should be able to test your installation by logging into a test WebEx at