Webdav and davfs

I’m connecting to my Box account through webdav in Dolphin. And it works really well, I can see all of my folders in one place. I also saw that I could auto mount it by adding an fstab entry, installing davfs, creating mount points etc.

This got me thinking, excuse my stupidity here, this stuff is new to me.

If I have to specify in the fstab and when I’m creating a mount point, that my Box account uses the davfs system, would this cause an issue copying and pasting between my local directory and my Box account in Dolphin? When I set up the webdav folder, it does not ask anything about what file system is used.

Is the file system inferred by the use of the webdav folder creation in Dolphin?
Can I perform normal folder or file operations between local and the Box account folders ok without corrupting any data?

I am not quite understanding what you ask, so when the following doesn’t fit anywhere with your question, I am sorry.

Differences between the mount done on request of Dolphin, or the mount done by using parameters availlable in /etc/fstab, depend on the paramters used. You can see what paramters are used for the Dolphin initiated mount when the fs is mounted (used through Dolphhin) by doing


and search for the line that corresponds.

The same can be done when the fs is mounted by using /etc/fstab and a mount statement, but of course the majority of the parameters are already known by you when you see the /etc/fstab entry.

Look for the differences and check what they mean and if they interfere in any way with your usage.

I’m obviously confusing you. I think as it is defined as davfs in the fstab, it is confusing me a little as well.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, is the file system type transparent when copying/pasting etc, between my local hardrive and the contents of the webdav folder, irrespective if it is through a fstab mount point or through setting it up through Dolphin?

I do not thnk the file system type is different. The file system type is defined by the file system itself on the system were the file system resides and that is the same in both cases And you can see the fs type when you do the


as I advised you before.

The contents of a file is of course not changed when copying it from one file system type to another. Meta dat like ownership and permissions might be different on different file system types (e.g. they exist on Unix/Linux file system types, but not on VAT, NTFS and friends).

I haven’t been able to try it the mount command yet, as my laptop is not with me currently. I’ll do it later.

Thanks for the help.

This would ordinarily be the case(The OS enables access to the local underlying file system for remote connections), but I’m guessing that the User might try to mount the remote file system locally using FSTAB.

To avoid further guessing, I’d recommend the OP posts exactly the fstab entry he’s considering.