while on skype, I am not able to make video calls. the message is ’ SKYPE CANNOT DETECT WEBCAMERA’ How can I solve this problem?

Which notebook do you use?
The manufacturer has got drivers for special devices. Look after “webcam”.

And telling what version of openSUSE you use and what desktop will also help your potential helpers.

Also output for lsusb and uname -a.

  • Oscar2007 wrote, On 11/04/2013 04:54 PM:
    > Also output for lsusb and uname -a.

To add to everybody else: If it is a notebook with a built in webcam, check if there’s a hardware switch or Fn key to activate the cam. My Lenovo X230i has such an Fn key…


Have you looked through here to see if there is anything that might help?

SDB:Skype - openSUSE

does your webcam work with other applications?