Webcamera, which drivers to install

Hei, I read this post Why Isn’t Suse Detecting My Philips Spc200nc Webcam? - openSUSE Forums which is a little old. My camera is a Philips SPC 700NC and is supported as I understood it My question is which packages do I need? Do I need uvcvideo-kmp-rtpae - USB Video Class (UVC) webcam driver in addition to gspcav-kmp-rtpae - Webcam driver Kernel Modules? My camera is an USB device, but the different links I have seen ( just a few), mentions only gspcav-kmp-rtpae - Webcam driver Kernel Modules. Do I also need other packages, xawtv, tvcommons, tv-font etc.

I ask because I have never set up a webcam before, and I noticed the warning on the camera’s USB stick which told me to install the drivers before I plugged it in.


Just install gspcav-kmp-default from opensuse. If you need another package, when you go to install it you will know.

Ok, my camera is detected. But I can’t use it with kopete, it is lagging much. The same is the result with gqcam. With the xawtv and luvcview it crashes. However when using the Gnome apps Camorama and Cheese all is good. Why is this? I am on KDE 3.5, is it something wrong the KDE?