Webcam working only with guvcview

I have a webcam (Dell XPS12) 0bda:5716 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. which I have working with guvcview. It works with 15fps, 1280x720, YUVC format. MJPG format yields a strongly flickering output. It seems that all other relevant applications use MJPG format (kamoso, cheese, skype). I did not find a way to change the format for these apps.
Thank you very much in advance, any help appreciated.

And what is the openSUSE version you use?

This behavious is seen with Opensuse 13.1, 13.2 and all kernel versions I tried (3.15 - 3.19)

I’m experiencing similar problems, but worse on OpenSuSE 13.2 with KDE4. I have a HP HD Webcam. It’s recognised and usable in wxcam with V4L2 in KDE4. However if I try to use it with Skype in KDE4, it crashes the desktop manager and does not display any video. The cam can however be used with Skype inside IceWM. How can this be! How to diagnose and remedy? Please help.