webcam working on opensuse leap 15.1 please

Kind members,
I really browsed and surfed to find an answer. I am a dummy and I didn’t find the answer.
I (and probably many others outside here) only need, please, a model name:
a webcam you found working without intervention on a standard opensuse leap 15.1 install.
Just a model name.Working on a system brand new install with webcam connected.
I’ll buy and try and succed or fail without recriminations.
No lsbusb output, no gspsca install, no system configuration, please.
Someone of you by sure succeeded. You succeeded? Please let me know…
Thanks thanks in advance. I’llbe your servant for the rest of my life. That’s what I (and i guess other people out there) need, Paolo Brusasco.
Don’t leave it to geeks. Help common users. Please.
P.s. I’m a retired programmer. I’ll never more write submit compile link make edit a line of code or config file till the end of the world.

My Acer all in one has a webcam by Bison Corp; my Acer laptop has one by Quanta Computing.

Thank you John, I’ll try to understand which kind of webcam is installed on your great :slight_smile: pc. However, I’ll look for an usb webcam to add to a desktop. Bye & thanks!

I use a Logitech c920 HD Pro webcam. Works nicely in LEAP, skype, etc. Dual stereo mics, good video quality. Not too expensive for occasional use.

P.S.: Work at full HD (1920 x 1080) too.

Thank you brunomcl. Just bought. I’ll install next we on a brand new system and confirm if working. Kisses and thanks, Paolo Grazie!

Solved, greatest thanks to you all, I do confirm logitech c920 pro hd webcam works on a new brand install of 15.1 without intervention. Paolo Brusasco