Webcam problem, ASUS k50in, CN7129

I have installed Opensuse 11.1 on a brand new ASUS k50in.
The Webcam works with skype but the image is flipped upside-down.
I have updated all the possible packages but the problem persists.
I have also tried to add more repositories, installed luvcview and other commands with no improvements.

Is there a configuration file in order to force vertical flip?
Or alternatively, is there any place where I can download experimetal UVC modules for the .27 default kernels?
My webcam model is a Chicony CN7129.
Thanks in advance

I have tried to update libv4l and uvcvideo but nothing has helped.
I have managed to flip the image with a trick which uses the command:
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype

(or something similar)
It has worked but the image is so ugly, it seems like no automatic brigtness tuning is active and it seems that a very low resolution is set.

By using luvcview directly the image has a good quality and color is well tuned.(but the image is upside down)

I have also tried self-compiling libv4l 0.6.3 64 and 32 bit (+ pathcing and adding my device in the upside-down list)

no effect at all (perhaps I have done a mistake or there is something in UVCVIDEO which needs to be fixed in order to get things working).

Do you have any idea?

I’m sorry for 3 posts but I cannot find out a way to edit my own posts!
Take here more details:
Here are the output of:

lsusb > lsusb.log
dmidecode > dmi.log

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 04f2:b071 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd.
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub

Handle 0x0002, DMI type 2, 15 bytes
Base Board Information
<------>Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer Inc…
<------>Product Name: K50IN…
<------>Version: 1.0…
<------>Serial Number: BSN12345678901234567
<------>Asset Tag: ATN12345678901234567
<------><------>Board is a hosting board
<------><------>Board requires at least one daughter board
<------><------>Board is replaceable
<------>Location In Chassis: MIDDLE…
<------>Chassis Handle: 0x0003
<------>Type: Motherboard
<------>Contained Object Handles: 0

I have the same problem on my asus K40in and would be interested in finding a solution!

I use ‘cheese’ which seems to handle my cn7051 web cam but there is very little configurations. At least it is right side up. Using other programs gave much more configurations but no image.

I have the same problem too. I suppose that is because the webcam is built upside-down.

I also have problem with my webcam… Image is flliped… I instaled all drivers… dont now what to do…!!!

Hi, welcome to the forums.

You reopened a very old post. I suggest you start a new thread to get attention for your problem. I never use the cam in Skype, tested and it’s upside down. Not in Kopete, where the image is much better.

Check out this thread: Webcam upside down - openSUSE Forums