Webcam on Asus A6000 not recognized


I’ve just installed openSuSe 11.1 on Asus A6000. I’ve installed Skype but can’t use built-in webcam (it shows no device found in skype).

What shall I do?

The odds are no one here has an Asus A6000, and so without further detail can not help.

Sometimes openSUSE users are helpful and contribute information on their laptops to the openSUSE laptop Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) but it appears on one has done that for the A6000: HCL/Laptops/Asus - openSUSE This list is open for ALL openSUSE users to make a contribution as to their laptop’s functionality with Linux.

For webcams under Linux, typically one determines the product and vendor ID, and use that to search to see Linux compatibility and determine what driver is in use. Some web cam drivers come as kernel modules with the kernel, and hence nothing further is needed the web cams should “just work”. Others will require some packages installed to provide the necessary kernel module.

Please read here for web cam installation guidance under openSUSE Linux: HCL/Web Cameras - openSUSE

For testing your webcam, instead of using Skype for basic functionality testing, please instead take a look at this webcam command line fun thread, to see if there is anything on that you can use to test:
webcam & microphone command line fun … - openSUSE Forums

If despite having checked out the above threads, and having made an effort, you still can not get things working, then with your webcam plugged in (and it is probably permanently plugged in on your laptop) please post here the output of running in a terminal or a konsole:

Reference Skype, …if your webcam works in other apps, but not in Skype, then I can not help, as I do not use Skype.

I’ve search on the internet, also asked people on forums and everyone says that webcam on Asus A6000 is not supported. The manufacturer doesn’t want to publish the source code for the webcam…

Thanks for help.

I found this: ALi m560x Linux Driver - Develop

I’m a genius !! I found out there should be (experimental) support in the gspca-kernel driver. So, went to and did a search for gspca. In the results it shows the m5602 being ‘supported’.
Add this as a repo and the driver should be available in the software installer.
Index of /repositories/home:/Akoellh/openSUSE_11.1_Update

So, if support is there, we had it ‘in house’. Cheers Akoellh !!

Please keep us posted about results.

Thats a good search/way to follow up, although I thought we were looking at a 5603 and not a 5602? The difference may be significant.

I earlier advised user marer13 that there was working on going to put this webcam in the gspca driver, asus W5-a01 Webcam built-in - howto install? - openSUSE Forums