Webcam Not Working with Google Hangouts


Another mysterious problem cropped up and I have no idea how to debug it.

Google Hangouts says ‘Camera not working’ when hovering over the camera icon which is shown in red with a line crossing it.

The option to let websites access the camera is enabled and no exceptions are specified. The webcam actually works on other
sites such as Snapshot (

It also works outside of the browser with VLC. So it is working and recognized by OpenSUSE 42.3, only not in Google Hangouts!

It is a Logitech USB camera. I do not have the model number but it says ‘BrightLight and RightSound Technology’. Tried with a
USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port, same results.

Any idea what is happening and how to fix this?

Thank you

Located the manual. It’s a Logitech QuickCam STX.