Webcam in Kopete doesn't connect

Hi guys,
I run opensuse 11.0 and use Kopete, connected to my MSN account, for instant messaging. In Kopete, in the Configure menu under Devices, my webcam appears to work fine (i see myself in the little window). But in the actual chat window, when I click on ‘send webcam’ or ‘receive webcam’ nothing happens at all. The button clicks, but there is no loading screen or anything on my end or the person I’m chatting with. But when the person on the other end invites me, i get a little dialog that asks me to accept or reject them seeing my webcam. I click accept, and nothing happens on my end, but on their end it says ‘connecting…’, then ‘loading…’ then it disappears and nothing happens. They can’t see me. What can I do to share my webcam? Thanks!!!

Maybe this:
KDE Wiki : Kopete Firewall

Hi, thank you for the reply but that website doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t know how to redirect ports, or really what a port is. How would I do that?

Try the kopete for kde 3.xx it is the one that’s not having a problem