Webcam Canyon CN-WCAM21 (USB)

Who can help me? I seek for a program for the above mentioned webcam (OS 11.1)
I am a new user of Linux

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welcome to the OpenSuse forums;

if you can find out more information about your webcam, it would help folks;

have a read at this post that is live in the forum at present:

Webcam in openSuSE 11.1 no longer works - openSUSE Forums

you can see the person typed two commands into a terminal:



if you do the same, and then copy and paste the results that you get back to the forum, folks may be able to help you a bit more;

to open a terminal; in Gnome:

we go to “Computer” at the bottom left of the screen; then “More Applications” and from that selection choose “System” in the groups folder at the left, and we use “Gnome Terminal” in the “System” folder:

if you use KDE, a terminal programme will likely be in the System folder there;