Web Video conferencing and Web Camera

I have tried to execute a video conferencing in TalkFusion web page. They have organized a web based video conferencing using flash video conferencing. The audio part works fine. The default 11.2.xxx flash plugin from Adobe can be used for the audio part but does not see my web camera. It looks for the web camera using v4l, but not v4l2. In chrome/chromium the google’s 11.5.xxx flash plugin managed to find the web camera but all it gave me for video is a green screen. Probably there is some tweaks I should do in order to use chrome and have my web camera working correctly. If anyone could help, that will be great.
Thanks in advance.

The least you should have told is the version of openSUSE you use in these exercises.

Perhaps we should encourage users to add the openSUSE version and DE in their signatures.
Ofcourse they should change it every 8 months.

It may help and when they do, I often notice it. But it is not my prefered way. To begin with, I like to assess a problem from top to bottom and the top is the OS name and version. It is tedious to have to scroll down first to see if it is there if it is not in the begin of the thread. Second is that some people have several systems with several versions. And they put all of them in their signatures and hence we know nothing again. And yes, they keep forgetting to update it when they change to next version.

And my last remark, if we are not able to encourage users to tell what they run where they have a problem on, out of themselves, how can we convince tem to put this in their sigantures?
There are hundreds of threads here where people forget to tell and are thus asked for it. And from people that have posted more then a hundred posts themselves I expect that they also read some of them. But that does not seem to encourage others to mention it right from the start of their own thread. :frowning:

I guess this will be an eternal battle against the “starting a thread stress” that seems to befall on many people and has as symptoms that they do not prepare (e.g. off-line) a good and documented problem description, but start typing in a bewildered fashion. lol!

@All mods- I am happy that the mods are very very patient in this aspect and keep asking users to post their OS version, DE,etc without venting their anger. I will probably go mad if i were in your shoes.Keep up the good work.Google +1 and facebook Like for all of you guys
@olegue- very sorry interrupting this thread

It is OpenSuSE 12.2 x 64, Chrome Version 25.0.1364.5, Firefox 17, KDE 4.9.4, GNOME 3.4, NVidia drivers 304.64. If other information is needed please let me know .