web server and .avi help

ok here is my problem, i am currently using monkey webserver on my linux machine for my website. I just recently found out that you can also stream music if you direct the web address to a folder inside the directory. The problem is when i try to click on a .avi all it wants to do is download the video instead of playing it in the browser or playing it in windows media player. What can I do to make an .avi to stream from my linux machine ( note this is for private use only so i can stream movies on my lunch break or when I am at a friends house this is not to share my stuff to the general public)

You better convert that to wmv. The browser can not know in advance what codec is used within an avi container. Then you set your link to point to a wvx metafile which in turn references the video. It will be streamed instead of downloaded.