Web Programs and Media Programs become unresponsive after l

Product: OpenSUSE 11.0 :confused:

After downloading large files, deleting large files, or several days without a restart; programs can no longer be opened, with the exception of System Monitor, and the computer
will not soft restart, the power button must be pressed to shut down the computer.

Issue has been present with the following software running together and/or seperate):

  • download over 1GB of data (issue occurs nearly every time)
  • delete over 1GB of data (issue occurs about half the time)
  • leave the computer running for more than 3 days without a restart (issue has only happened one or two times)
  • issue happens everytime when downloading with Vuze and trying to open an .AVI video with VLC

The computer’s specs are as follows (if this matters):
Dell Dimension 4550
P4 2.53 GHz 512KB 2nd Lvl cache 400 MHz FSB CPU
80GB UATA HDD (Linux OS)
2GB DDR memory 400 MHz
aDSL Internet Modem through LAN port

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